Favorite Reads of Summer 2019

“I Am The Ignition” by Diana Odasso

The Rumpus | Nonfiction

” A few weeks before he was involuntarily committed—when we found out not who he was but rather who he was not—he was put on an additional cocktail of antipsychotics. My therapist now wondered: Had I considered schizophrenia, had I considered a slew of other personality disorders? Knowledge does not necessarily solve the problem. Facts exist like tensile strength on the lip of water, and I had not yet acquired the right dictionary for Mark’s lies or pathology. “

“Dinner Party” by Jessica Abughattas

Waxwing | Poetry

I’ve been waiting on my misery like a man who won’t come. / I used to live on crumbs / but I too am a wants-to-be-touched thing / that wakes late at night / late at night in the house where no one keeps me.

“Orchard” by Jeremy Radin

Muzzle | Poetry

Yes, I admit, I’ve imagined us married. In the orchard,
beside one another, gathering up the ready fruit. & see, see— 

there is our hutch for the rabbits. & look up! Our favorite
instance of sky. ..

Devotion by Madeline Stevens

A captivating debut novel about a woman who falls into an overwhelming mutual obsession with the Upper East Side mother who hires her as a nanny

“Guts” by Kimberly King Parsons

Electric Lit | Fiction

“We’re at the movies, in the very back row, the theater—I swear—full of hidden rashes and shriveled limbs. I tell Tim that even the Jesus screamer—the guy who paws through my garbage and sometimes shits on my front stoop—he is now incandescent, his eyes drippy with hope.”

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